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How to get shortlisted by the recruiter

In this tutorial, I am going to explain the idea behind how to get an interview call. How to get shortlisted by the recruiter. How you can keep your profile away from the crowd. Please focus I am going to expose the way how recruiters search for any profile.

Step-1 – Understand the mindset of the recruiter

The idea behind this step is to read the mind and sentiment of the recruiter by reading the job description. Read the job description at least two times to understand what the main focus is

For example, whether the job is related to data analysis, vision, or NLP by-the way this is just an example you can think of in your skill set. To understand this step practically watch my video from i-button from the top corner.

But somehow step 1 you do not have to do anything. This will be done by the recruiter itself if you follow Step 2. Please focus very well.

Cool: Let’s discuss step 2

Step-2 – Update your profile as per the search pattern and recruiter’s favorite

The idea behind this step is to update your profile as per the search pattern. What does it mean?

We shall use “X_Ray search” to find out some of the best profiles from LinkedIn. You will see the x-ray search script from the description of the video. You may ask a question about why you are using an X-ray search. And the answer is the same way the recruiter searches the profile.

Now you have some best profiles in your hand. Please focus very well.

Cool: Let’s discuss step 3


Update your profile similar to the profile searched in step 2. Use similar keywords in your resume multiple times.


How to know the trending keyword. Super simple. Go to LinkedIn search job and type the first word of your word. You will get many suggestions. Use this keyword in your resume.

Please understand nowadays all the job portal is a search engines. So you need to understand the concept behind the search pattern.

If you follow these steps whenever a recruiter search a related keyword similar to your profile. He will get all the time your profile on the top.


All the steps will only work if you follow step number 5

Step 5

Update your profile at least thrice a day by changing a few words in your resume and re-uploading the same again.

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